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Latest News for Kokopelli

It’s getting closer and closer! I am so excited as we near the grand
re-opening of Kokopelli—I think you will absolutely love the transformation that has taken place!  As we continue to move forward and start putting the finishing touches on making Kokopelli ready for you, the members, to enjoy, I almost can’t stand the anticipation.  Aside from all of the construction, we are working on some mouth-watering new menus and cocktails that will delight your tastebuds!  Keep staying tune to your e-Minders for continued Kokopelli updates…  I can’t wait to throw open the doors and welcome you all in!
All my best,
Laurie Wright
Kokopelli F&B Manager

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Kokopelli Golf Shop

Come on in and say “Hello” to the staff at the Kokopelli Golf Shop!  Check out the fresh, new renovations, and keep updated on the brand new merchandise
that we have coming in every day.  We’re looking forward to seeing you!


Kokopelli boasts two tennis courts, which are now available for members to reserve on Foretees.
Navigate to the Foretees Tab and click on "Courts."

Kokopelli Tennis Courts:
Co-ed 2.5/3.0 Doubles - Monday and Friday, 9-11am, Both Courts
Men's 3.5+ Doubles - Wednesday, 9-11am 

Outlaw Tennis Courts:
Men's 3.5+ Doubles - Monday, 9-11am
Ladies' 3.5+ Doubles - Friday, 9-11am
Mixed Doubles - Sunday, 12-2pm

New Members: Welcome!  We are so happy to have you!

At your earliest convenience, please get in contact with our Admin Office to fill out forms needed by our Member Services staff in order to finalize important housekeeping issues such as mailing and email addresses, updated phone numbers, etc.

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These two Tennis Courts are available for members' use. Please follow the same court rules that apply to the Outlaw Courts. Foretees Reservations