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Latest News for Kokopelli

The Kokopelli Golf Shop is OFFICIALLY open for business!  (Among other things, we’ve added a dressing room or two.)  Come on in and say “Hello” to the staff, check out the fresh, new renovations, and keep updated on the brand new merchandise that we will have coming in every day.  We’re looking forward to seeing you!


Kokopelli boasts two tennis courts, which are now available for members to reserve on Foretees. Navigate to the Foretees Tab and click on "Courts."

Food Truck: The Alto Food Truck will be OPEN at Kokopelli! Food Truck hours are 11am-4pm, Weds-Sun.

Please be aware that alcohol is not available, and may not be consumed on the Kokopelli grounds until we secure our liquor license.

Click HERE for the Food Truck menu.

New Members: Welcome!  We are so happy to have you!

At your earliest convenience, please get in contact with our Admin Office to fill out forms needed by our Member Services staff in order to finalize important housekeeping issues such as mailing and email addresses, updated phone numbers, etc.

From GM Tom Bloemendaal:

Members of Alto Lakes Golf and Country Club,

I am proud to inform the members of Alto Lakes Golf and Country Club and members of Kokopelli Country Club that the closing of the sale and acquisition of the Kokopelli property has been achieved. Please understand that most of what needs to be co-mingled has to wait until the new deed is recorded with Lincoln County. Next week, I will send out an operational plan reflecting the progress in achieving all involved.

This accomplishment warrants celebration! Ever since I have been involved with ALGCC, the talk of combining these two exceptional entities has been in the community dialog. These establishments complement each other, and accomplishing this union will enable both entities to achieve our greatest potential as one. The staff and Club governance look forward to the next phase in making ALGCC the best it can be, and this acquisition only brings us all closer to achieving these goals. 

There are some things I will need your cooperation with from the start.

  • Please do not consume alcohol on the Kokopelli property. We will file the new liquor license paperwork ASAP. It will take between 120-150 days to obtain the license.

  • Co-mingling the IT needs and telephone systems will take time. Patience is much appreciated.

  • We have moved the food truck to Kokopelli as a temporary solution to provide refreshments and food options. The restaurant will not open until we are issued a liquor license. We should have the firewalls installed and internet operational soon.

  • Minor improvements are in progress for the Kokopelli Golf Shop. Your patience is much appreciated during this process, which will be completed very soon.

  • If you have your own cart, we will continue to allow you to “walk on” and use the course. The target date to rent club carts and have some staff in place to provide minimal services is Wednesday, September 20. This will include the operations of the Food Truck, as well.   

Next week I will reach out with more information and timelines. A huge "thank you" to Harriet Lane, John Stern, Toni Pope, and Scott Dickerson. There were many more involved in making this happen, but the fore-mentioned dedicated a lot of time and due diligence to make this a reality. Thanks for the overwhelming support from you, the members of this great and special Club. We will talk again next week.


Please be aware that there will be no liquor of any kind permitted on the Kokopelli property until Alto finalizes the purchase of the new liquor license.  We very much appreciate your adherence to this policy and will alert the membership immediately when this changes.      

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These two Tennis Courts are available for members' use. Please follow the same court rules that apply to the Outlaw Courts. Foretees Reservations

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