Hole-In-One Club


Open to all golf members of ALGCC. There is no charge to join. The member must declare the free membership at least one full day before the occurrence of a hole-in-one. Once a hole-in-one is made by a Hole-in-One member, the money is swept to reward the winning member. At that point, all other members will be charged $5 to re-up the pot.


The Hole-in-One Club member must be involved in at least a nine-hole round; a few practice holes do not qualify. They must be playing with at least one witness. They must be playing from their normally designated tees.


If a hole-in-one is made by a Hole-in-One club member the proceeds will be credited as such: 50% of the proceeds will be credited to the respective member’s account and the other 50% will be added to the member’s Golf Shop credit book account.  You must contact the Golf Shop about your hole-in-one; the proceeds will be added once the Golf Shop notifies the Admin office.


When the hole-in-one occurs, the other members of the club will be billed $5.00 each. You can opt in or out of the Hole-in-One club at any time.

Hole-In-One Club


  • Mark Wise in 4/23
  • Don Ratay in 4/23
  • Joe Thompson in 4/23
  • Will "Mac" Landrum in 4/23
  • Ernest Hernandes in 4/23
  • Gary Wolverton on 5/9/23
  • Kevin Pfister on 5/9/23
  • Bill Erwin on 5/19/23
  • Terri Massey in 6/23
  • Russell Bliese in 6/23 
  • "Junior" Crowson on 7/7/23
  • Joe Thompson in 8/23
  • Terry "Big Bear" Stahl in 8/23
  • Gary McConnell in 8/23
  • Bob Kewley in 8/23 

Hole-In-One Club



  • Don R.
  • Richard M.
  • Ron M.
  • Mac L.
  • Jim F. 
  • Bee D.

John Rogers & Charisse Wadsworth

  • Gus Blackshear in 9/22
  • Craig Cathey in 9/22
  • Ken Wine in 9/22
  • Mark Hendrix on 10/7/22
  • Les "Doc" Morrow on 11/17/22
  • Jane Hoover on 12/4/22




  • David N.
  • Richie H.
  • Phyllis L.
  • Marty C.
  • Randy A.
  • Junior C.

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