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Membership at Alto

As human beings, there is nothing more wonderful than feeling like we belong, that we are an integral part of something.  This feeling is why we so fiercely love our family and friends - we belong with them.  This is what membership at Alto Lakes means.  When you join our club, you become part of our family!  Here at Alto, we love and appreciate our family of members and staff, and we delight in welcoming new members to our growing Alto "clan."

There are plenty of perks when you become a member.  Aside from the beautiful scenery, Alto offers two stellar championship 18-hole golf courses and Pro golf staffers.  We are an incredibly active and growing club, with mutiple associations and a vibrant social scene.  Alto is well on our way to becoming a mainstay in the area for live music performances - we host national acts year-round, and have recently upgraded to state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems.  If you're more interested in culinary experiences, then look no further!  Our staff here at Alto go over and above for our members, and our kitchen prides itself in producing world-class, mouth-watering cuisine.  We are in the process of updating our pool area to a modern, much-improved Aquatic Center.  The Outlaw, our sister club, offers a robust Tennis and Pickleball scene, as well as golf and dining.

There are endless opportunities for enjoyment and belonging here at Alto - what are you waiting for?  Become an Alto Lakes member today!

Membership required by the Covenants

The various covenants of each subdivision within the Club’s area require the owner to have and maintain a membership with the Club. Buying a property in one of the Alto Lakes' subdivisions means that you are also buying a membership at Alto Lakes Golf & Country Club.

There are a total of twelve subdivisions requiring Club membership (seven of our subdivisions are under a set of ‘Unified Covenants’).

“Each lot subject to these Unified Covenants comes with a mandatory membership in the Club. One social membership in the Club shall be issued, or in the alternative, upon payment of the required fee, one regular membership may be issued with respect to each lot subject to these Unified Covenants.” ~Unified Covenants

List of Subdivisions with Membership:

  • Alto Lakes
  • Deer Park Meadows
  • Deer Park Valley
  • Deer Park Woods
  • High Mesa
  • Lake Side Estates
  • Sierra Blanca
  • Deer Park Woods Townhomes
  • Alto Village Site A Condos
  • Alto Village Site C Condos
  • Country Club Condos 
  • Lincoln Hills/Alto Golf Estates (Outlaw)

Types of Membership

There are several types of membership at Alto Lakes Golf & Country Club. The two memberships required by the various CCR’s are Golf (also referred to as regular memberships) and Social.

Golf Membership

36 holes of golf available year-round (two 18-hole courses).

Social Membership

Social Membership consists of all events/activities/dining opportunities at the Club with the exception of Golf.

Fee Schedule

Family Guest Policy

Accompanied Guests: As a member you may bring guests, including family, friends, and associates, to enjoy all the amenities that your Club membership affords. However, the Accompanied Guest policy requires that you accompany your guests at all times.

Unaccompanied Family Guests: As a member you can arrange for Family Members to use the Club amenities while unaccompanied by you. Below is a summary of the major points of the policy for Unaccompanied Family Guests (see policy for full details):
  • A guest letter must be filled out and submitted to the Admin office seven days in advance.
  • A guest card will be created for each individual and they must present the card to use the Club.
  • Family is defined as: parents/step-parents, children/step-children and their spouses, grandchildren/step-grandchildren and their spouses, and siblings.
  • Each family member is limited to fourteen days of Club use per year.
  • All charges incurred by guests will be posted to the member’s account. Neither cash nor credit cards will be accepted.

Club Governance, in brief

The original developer ceded control of the Club to the membership in 1989. Since then, the Club has been governed by the Board of Directors, who are elected from among the membership.

Covenants, Conditions, and Restriction Documents

  • HOA Declaration
  • Covenants
  • Bylaws
    • ACC & Zoning District
      • For exterior renovations, etc.
      • Firewise = Cleanup lot

Alto Lakes Special Zoning District
Zoning District