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12/1/2022 1:00:00 AM by Jimmie Mace

December 2022

In 2021, at one time, the Club was unable to procure fire insurance due to being in the insurance re-zone (high risk, or red zone).  Also, several Club members several club members found that their insurance would not be renewed.  Management negotiated with several companies and agreed that if a FireWise community was established, lots were cleaned up around the community, and ongoing oversight was conducted, the Club could be insured.

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News and Information regarding Firewise Efforts in the Alto Community.

What efforts should you be taking to minimize the fire danger in Alto? What efforts are your neighbors taking?

How will Firewise affect your insurance costs?

Living with Fire
Ready, Set, Go!

2022 U.S. Wildfire Statistics.   You can view it here: We take a deep dive into how wildfires have impacted the U.S. over the years and even break it down state by state.  We also include historical and recent data on how many acres the U.S. has lost, how much they spend combating wildfires, which states are the most at risk, as well as information on how home insurance may help cover possible damage from wildfires.

December 2022