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Staying in shape and feeling great in your body is easy in our awesome Fitness Center.  We are about to make it even easier to do that!  The new Aquatic and Fitness Center has been approved by the membership, and we are in the planning and pre-construction phase. We expect that demo of the pool and construction of the new Aquatic and Fitness Center will begin as soon as possible.  New things are coming to Alto!

Current Fitness Room Hours: 4am-Midnight
Key Fob will be issued to every member and is required to access Fitness Room
Replacement Fee for lost Key Fob: $40

July 16, 2022

Pool/Fitness Center Ballots have been Cast and Counted!

Build the Pool/Fitness Complex in its entirety    1599
Build only the Aquatic Complex     535
Thank you to everyone for voting!

Construction Begins 

Septmeber 2022 Construcion Shots

October 2022 Construction Shots

November 2022 Construction Shots